Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our friends at YA Highway are on a Halloween kick this month. Their question for the week:


Kristan: I don't enjoy truly scary or gruesome movies. (There's enough of that on the nightly news, thanks.) I prefer "fluffy" horror films like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer, which are honestly probably the first/last/only horror movies I've watched, hahaha. They're so campy that I can't help but laugh, even right after I jump and scream.

Stephanie: I also don't enjoy anything too scary or gory. It's just not worth losing my peace of mind when I'm going to sleep at night. Most of the scary movies I like are actually "thrillers" like The Sixth Sense, where the focus is more on the story line than on jump scares and blood.

Ingrid: I really can't stand horror movies. Even watching a trailer for a horror movie can keep me awake all night. Even the silly ones like Scream give me the willies. However, I do enjoy paranormal films like The Sixth Sense and psychological thrillers like Misery.

Sarah: Um, horror. Yeah. I have passively watched loads (my other half is a fan of horror), but the only film to actually grab my attention and keep me riveted was Pan's Labyrinth. Not a traditional horror, but perhaps a fantasy that stares down the dark hallways of gore and madness without blinking. I loved this film so much that I have built a shrine to it in my memory and have locked the door. I don't think I want to go back in there... I don't think.

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MichelleRae said...

It's not a horror book but I love watching Coraline around Halloween time :)

Kierra said...

I'm not so much a fan of gory horror movies either-though some I do enjoy watching. I love paranormal ones-there's one on Netflix I watched a while ago and really enjoyed it! I think it was called The Awakening.

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