Thursday, October 23, 2014

Earlier this month, our friends at YA Highway asked:


Stephanie: While I was growing up, I lived across the street from a town hall, which was supposedly haunted by the ghost of a man named Wesley who hung himself in the attic many many years ago. I remember going to Girl Scout lock-ins and hearing the doors opening and shutting on the empty third floor, and the stories about how all the furniture would rearrange itself in the night when no one was there. The bell tower was visible from my bedroom window, and every once in a while, I could have sworn I saw a man in the window. ;) That's my favorite ghost story, because it's also a childhood memory.

Premade BG 65Kristan: Ooo, your answer inspired me!

Growing up, one of my friends found a hidden passage that went from the closet in her bedroom to the closet in another upstairs room. We snuck in, crawled around, and found an old matchbook, a faded receipt, and a dusty pair of men's blue jeans. Using our Ghost Writer skills, we deduced that the house used to be part of the Underground Railroad, and that the pants belonged to a runaway slave. Then we wondered why he would have left his pants... Obviously he died in her house! That meant his ghost was probably haunting the place -- haunting us! Needless to say, we had a hard time falling asleep that night.

Stephanie: Kristan, that's hilarious. Also, I want to live in your friend's house. Passageways are the coolest!

Ingrid: I don't like to read ghost stories for the most part (they scare me). But I do like A Christmas Carol, which has ghosts in it. And, of course, Harry Potter :)

Sarah: I entirely love ghost stories, and was quite a morbid little kiddunk. My favourite book in elementary school was WAIT TILL HELEN COMES. I could probably still read it and get goosebumps and not sleep for months. A small price to pay.


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