Thursday, January 3, 2013

After Sarah took the plunge and vlogged -- a first for We Heart YA! -- I promised I would do it too, that way she wouldn't be all alone on our YouTube channel. But then October melted away, and November rolled on by, and December completely vanished into thin air... and yeah, my vlog never happened. So now it's a new year, and I figure, Just dive in.

Be sure to watch so you hear our special announcement! And don't worry, it's short.

(It's also full of bad singing, embarrassing eyebrow action, and ridiculous outtakes...)


As mentioned in the video, we've attempted to contact the ho-ho-holiday giveaway winners, but we've only heard back from one of them. (Thanks, Sandra!!) If we can't get in touch with the other two, we will draw new winners for those prize sets, so keep an eye on your inbox.


Mary @ BookSwarm said...

Go vlogger girls! You're much braver than me -- I don't like getting my picture taken, much less vlogging.

Margot Wood said...


linda said...

LOL! Cute! :) Happy new year to you, too!

Michelle Santiago said...

Lol great video! And happy new year to you! My sister does most to all the vlogging on our YouTube channel. I'm too quiet and shy...


Sara (of the Page Sage) said...

To be honest, I'm usually not a huge fan of vlogs on blogs, but I'll definitely be watching yours! Awesome job! (:

P.S. I can't wait to see the new design!

Emma said...

Excellent editing skills. I may have grinned at the singing. Also, I am trying to take the plunge this year as well as start vlogging! Like, maybe I said I would start today! Let's be brave together.

Sandra said...

I'd be happy to accept the books from the other winners who have not responded *winkwink*

kaye (paper reader) said...

I haven't made a vlog in forever, either, but they're fun and I always enjoy watching them. Singing, though, you've totally got me trumped!

I'm really looking forward to see the new design; I'm also getting a total overhaul sometime in the next month or two and I'm really happy for the fresh start.

Kristan said...

Thanks so much for your support, you guys! I felt like such a doof, but at the same time it was strangely fun.

Neither does Sarah, which is why vlogging was so especially brave of her!

Lol sorry, they were all claimed a day or two later. But we'll do more giveaways soon!

Really?? But your design is already so wonderful! Well, regardless, we look forward to seeing the next great version of papereader. :D

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