Friday, December 5, 2014
Last time that I posted, I discussed my new position as a school librarian and how suprised-but-not-surprised I have been at the trickly amounts of books being taken out and read. Starting next week, I have a book club organised with four students. More will come, I know, because they will smell the biscuits (okay, I'm turning British) and stay for the awesome. But there are students who wouldn't dream of turning up...and, fortunately for them, I am a sneaky sneak.

For the Mysterio who reads manga each and every lunchtime--who makes a beeline for the understocked shelf--I give thee ATTACK ON TITAN.

For the Wanderers--who are bored out of their exasperated minds--I bring you AMAZEBALLS...

[Hipster says: "I like your new shelf."
Cloudy Glasses says: "Is that an American thing?"
Hipster says: "Not really, Amazeballs is everywhere."]

For the Gentleman--who borrows and returns CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS each and every week--okay, you can read it again. If you have to.

And for the Undecided reader--who shakes his head 'nope' as I guide him through the science and nature magazines, the sport books, the Thrillers, Tolkien, newspapers, Guinness records, the new fiction titles, even the display of books that have been turned into movies!--fortunately, for you, there's always The Gaiman.

["Know him?" I ask.
*shakes his head*
"Wrote an episode of Dr. Who...has some other books out...there's illustrations's funny."

Yeah, he is.
Yeah, you are.
Welcome to the Library.


Kristan said...

Aahhh, I love that you are hands-on guiding kids to books!! You're like a magical Book Fairy. <3 They're so lucky to have you, and I'm so glad you're sharing your experiences with us.

Michelle Santiago said...

congratulations on your library job! i graduated with my masters degree in library science a year ago but unfortunately there aren't any public library openings in the town i live in. sigh. but i'm back with my old teaching job so it's kind of okay...

anyway, the only book i read by gaiman is coraline and i loved it. i don't know why i haven't picked up more of his books.

Unknown said...

@Kristan...magical book fairy--that is SO what I want to be when I grow up!

@Michelle...library jobs are gold-dust, aren't they? So hard to find. I hope you're keeping your eye out while you teach (which is also a great job that I have done).
Gaiman is brilliant. He's not stuffy or overly concerned with himself, and has an accessible story-telling style that doesn't dumb down anything. Really dependable author. :)

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