Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Waterstones Piccadilly's author event in London featuring Rainbow Rowell. Although I'm American and have lived in the US off and on, I haven't managed to see one of my favourite authors in person...so much excitement that she was coming to my neck of the woods!

Because she's a rock star author, two events were scheduled and Stacey at Pretty Books did an awesome recap from Monday evening. Tuesday evening wasn't much different and I don't have anything to add, other than an audience question...When asked what her advice would be for Eleanor (from ELEANOR & PARK), Rainbow gave an answer that kinda-maybe gave me goosebumps (which is a feat because it was a hot/humid day and, since those are rare in England, there's no air conditioning pretty much anywhere and we were all sweaty-balls):

Rainbow started by saying that as a teenager, you don't have much hold over your life. "I would tell Eleanor that 'you're about to inherit your own life.'" She went on to explain that "You have to keep yourself whole, so that when you inherit your life, you're ready."  Then she explained that Eleanor is a character who doesn't believe in love and doesn't think there's a future for herself...And "we make bad decisions when we think there's no tomorrow."  So "hold on."

Rainbow tag-teamed with Bim Adewunmi on the whole conversation, which was amazing. This dynamic duo should do more tour dates together.  It was like attending a backstage conversation, really informal and it felt like the audience was merely in on the gossip.  Such a great atmosphere!

Melissa couldn't have said it any better. When Rainbow entered the room, as an audience we collectively leaned forward. There's something incredibly magnetizing about meeting someone who brings so much to the page and shares it with us. I've already finished LANDLINE and am mystified all over again how she can write my entire life, but with different details. Okay, maybe it's not my life. We're all in this together, right?

Thanks, Rainbow, for your magic.

We Heart Your Guts.  xx


Unknown said...

Must have been so cool to meet her! And the event sounds fabulous as well. I love her answer to the question too. "Inheriting life" is an accurate description of what I'm doing right now. ;) I still have to read more Rainbow Rowell books though because they all seem so good!

-P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

Unknown said...

PE...yes, it was brilliant! She even gave me a hug! The only one I haven't read is Attachments, but will rectify that soon enough. Thanks for the comment. xx

Michelle Santiago said...

i have not read a single rainbow rowell book yet but i do own 3 of her books. leslie read e&p and loved it and is always pushing her books to me. so awesome you got to meet her! i was so sad she wasn't at the ALA conference.

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