Thursday, April 24, 2014
Most of you out there have already been hearing all the hype about Laini Taylor's DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS.  Generally, we're against hype.  It inflates hope.  It raises expectations.  It puts some people off.

However, in the Laini Taylor hype department, we're pretty guilty.  We have at least a dozen posts mentioning her, her books have topped our favourite read lists each year they've come out and even Steph penned a love letter.  We've been geeking out on her writing almost since we began blogging.  Hey, everyone has an obsession.

DoGaM completed a trilogy that is unlike anything we've read.  Okay, there are hints of other stories and there are all sorts of familiar flavours, but so much of the writing is distinctly Laini.  And I have to say, she's a writer's writer.  She plays with the rules, with language, and does so with expertise.  Her use of hyperbole alone is nothing short of delightful. 

And each time I finish reading one of her works, I just think: I DON'T EVEN WANT to know how she weaves her magic.  This is one not to be studied, picked apart, sorted, analysed, but a story to be devoured.  It is absolutely delicious.

As a writer, it's incredibly hard to watch movies, TV, read books, etc. without automatically picking them apart.  Writer's are constantly looking under the hood, watching the pistons and the belts fly around and nodding along approvingly.  We know the mechanics of things whether we want to or not--it comes with the job.

But every so often, every once in a blue moon (sweet Ellai!), a story comes along that gives you back the belief in magic.  The sleight of hand makes you wonder.  It swells you up.  And all that's left to do, is let all that inspiration and story and words right back out.  To those willing to listen to you babble like a babble-mouth.  That's me.  I'm babbling.  You're nodding.  You read it.  You know.  Peace Out.


Kristan said...

I love when you babble. :)

I also love Laini, as you know. She's one of the few who still has magic enough to make my writer-brain shut off. Maggie Stiefvater does too, and Leigh Bardugo for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I do love this series. It's SO gorgeous!! I don't even want to pick apart the story (though I do...just a little bit).

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