Friday, February 7, 2014

Note: Though inspired by true events, no friendships were hurt in the making of this post.

One day, your best friend starts talking about this new book that she loves.
After days of lusting after it, you finally manage to get your hands on that book.
Then you start reading...
And you really can't figure out what your best friend sees in this book.
So you have to tell your best friend that you didn't love it, and she's all...
You guys try to talk it out -- what she liked, versus what you didn't like -- but it ends up going a little something like this:
Eventually you agree to disagree. But secretly you're both annoyed.
Fortunately, after a few days you both realize how silly you're being, and everything's magically cool again. Because that's the power of friendship.
Hopefully you'll both agree on the next book.

~ ~ ~

The four of us here at We Heart YA are all amazing friends, and we usually enjoy the same kinds of books. But every now and then, we do disagree. It's always kind of heartbreaking when that happens -- for both sides -- because you strangely feel like you've let your friend down by not liking something that they love.

But. Wouldn't it be boring if we had exactly the same tastes all of the time? Then we would never get the benefit of hearing a different opinion or understanding an opposing perspective. We would never have to reexamine our reactions or question our interpretations. In short: We would never grow.

So that's why the 4 of us are okay with disagreeing sometimes. What about you guys? What do you do when your best friend doesn't like a book (or a movie, song, TV show, etc.) as much as you do? And what do you say when you're the one who was disappointed by a friend's recommendation?


Emma said...

I know exactly what you mean. As I've gotten older, disliking recs has become less rife with conflict, but I do remember when my best friend recommended me Twilight. After reading it, I was not very quiet about my utter dislike, and this difference of opinion was a minor source of conflict for several years. Now, I inquire as to why they didn't like it, remember that we all have differing tastes, and change the subject. Sometimes, you need to fangirl with other people.

Ingrid Palmer said...

Omigosh, Kristan, those GIFs crack me up! Even when I don't completely love a book, I can usually find something in it that was done well. But you're right in that we all have different tastes, so it's okay to disagree. Makes for interesting meetings, anyway ;)

Michelle Santiago said...

awesome post! leslie and i haven't read a book that we differed in opinion yet. but i have friends that absolutely love twilight and i could care less for the series and we went through the "disagreement cycle."

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