Friday, October 11, 2013

On Wednesday, Rae Carson, Amelia Kahaney, and Mindy McGinnis stopped by our local independent bookstore, Joseph Beth, for the last stop on the Dark Days tour. I got to sit down and chat with them, and I had a front row seat at their panel.

In their own words, each author explained what their book is about:

The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy is a high fantasy trilogy in the tradition of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. Lots of adventuring, magic, quests, destiny, prophesy, and all that fun stuff. But instead of being like Jon Snow or Aragorn, my protagonist is more like Ugly Betty. She is underestimated at every turn, but she surprises people as the series progresses.” -  Rae Carson

The Brokenhearted is an urban superhero story set in a fictional city called Bedlam where a river runs through the middle, dividing the rich from the poor. The protagonist is named Anthem Fleet, and she’s a very privileged high-school girl who is obsessed with ballet and dating the right guy. Then everything quickly falls apart. She falls for a different boy and descends from her highfalutin, privileged existence to go to the south side where things are rougher. The boy is kidnapped and she’s dispatched into a polluted river. When she’s saved from death by a mad scientist woman, she gets a new heart, and the heart has hummingbird DNA. The story is her trying to get her boyfriend back, and trying to understand her new body, and coming to terms with the fact that she’s this freakishly powerful person now.” - Amelia Kahaney

Not a Drop to Drink is about an America thirty to forty years in the future where drinkable water is very rare. (Unfortunately, this is based on a documentary that I watched, so you might want to stock up!) The concept is that if you live in the city and you can afford water, you’ll have a fairly normal life. But most people can’t afford it, so the cities are emptying out. The people who live in the country have either a pond or a hand-dug well and have their own water resources. At the age of nine, my protagonist Lynn’s mother hands her a gun and says, 'You’re going to have to kill to defend the pond.' So she grows up this way, killing to protect their water source, so the two of them can live. Her mother is the only person she’s ever spoken to her entire life until about the age of sixteen or seventeen — she honestly not sure how old she is — and things start to change. She has to figure how to adapt to being human and less of this feral thing she’s been raised to be, and learn how live as opposed to just survive.” - Mindy McGinnis

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have caught our live-tweets from the event. But in case you missed it, here they are again, showcasing the humor and intelligence of these awesome ladies:

Stay tuned next week for more on this event, including an interview with each of these three authors and chance to win signed copies of The Bitter Kingdom, The Brokenhearted, and Not a Drop to Drink!


Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

So fun!! Rae Carson is one author I would LOVE to meet -- she is definitely one of my faves. =)

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

Great tweets-sounds like a fun time and I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

The event sounds amazing! I like the quote about the notes on the laptop, haha.

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