Friday, March 23, 2012
All right, let's be honest. No one in the YA blogosphere is paying attention to blogs today. All we're doing is running around like chickens with our heads cut off, screaming, "HUNGER GAMES MOVIE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!"

(Seriously though: HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!)

If you've seen it, we'd love to know what you thought. Was Cinna as fabulous as in the books? Was Josh Hutcherson too short to play Peeta? Did Liam Henderson ever change his facial expression? How many tissues did you go through for Rue?

For those of you who (like us) have not yet seen it, don't worry: it's not going anywhere. There is plenty of time to get to your nearest theater.

In the meantime, here are some AWESOME movies you can look forward to -- we certainly are! -- with clips you can watch right on your computer.

The Host (just a short teaser)

Breaking Dawn part 2 (also just a short teaser)

And last but most definitely not least, Snow White and the Huntsman (an EPIC full-length trailer):

(Here's another, official link in case the YouTube video gets pulled.)


Unknown said...

*fist pumps* for all the trailers! Can't wait!

Joelle said...

Snow White and The Huntsman looks really good. Going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow. Is it a bad thing that I haven't read the books yet? lol

Ingrid Palmer said...

omigosh, I can't wait to see every one of these movies!! Joelle, you could probably read the first HG book in one night, it's so good :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know what you think of the movie having not read the book. We all enjoyed the movie but found it lacking so many details. Details we (me, husband, 10yr and 11I yr old boys) found important.
Peers not too short but his face is a total throw back to the cute faces of the Goonies boys.
I expected more from Cinna but he is wonderful. I love Woody so Haymitch could have had more screen time, lol
The Rue scene was (minus some of the mourning) one of my favorites. The emotion shown through action and no words was great and what I felt was lacking in much of the movie.
We've been talking the movie all day!

Stephanie Mooney said...

Saw the Hunger Games last night, and it was amazing! It's probably the most faithful adaptation of a book I've seen so far. The details they took out were really not important to the plot, and I think the stuff they added was essential. It's impossible for a book and its film adaption to be exactly the same, but this comes sooo close.

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