Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Merry Christmas.

You are loved. :)

Here's some tweets we collected while the world turned ever so slowly toward longer days:

Spread the cheer...
It's only days until 2012 and whole new shiny year full of shiny new books. What's your most anticipated moment? (The Hunger Games movie!?!)


Michelle Santiago said...

My sister and I are totally looking forward to the Hunger Games movie. We are also anticipating the fantastic books that will be coming out this coming year. Just thinking about them makes me excited :D

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Happy Holidays!

kaye (paper reader) said...

Oh, Simon Pegg, I continue to love you. sigh!

Fantastic 2012 sequels (Insurgent, DOSAB #2, Mara & Shatter Me #2) and debuts (Veronica Rossi, Kat Zhang, Lenore Applehans), films (THG, The Hobbit, Snow White & The Huntsman).

So many. <3 2012 looks to be an amazing year! :)

Erica said...

I love these posts :)

I am quite excited for The Hunger Games since the movie looks like it'll be awesome, despite me not being crazy about the books. I think I am MORE excited for THE HOBBIT (because I'm a total nerd) Plus there are so many great books coming out next year, I'm quite excited for Alexandra Bracken's new book The Darkest Minds.

roro said...

great list 2012 looks fab

Kristan said...

LOVE Vanya's tweet.

We Heart YA said...

@chelley...yay! we're excited too! Happy Holidays, reader friends!

@kaye...Simon Pegg is up there with Nathan Fillion. :) Thanks for reminding us of the stupendous sequels expected this year too!

@erica...thanks! and oooh, THE DARKEST MINDS sounds intriguing. Will be checking that one out!

@roro...thanks for always commenting!!

@Kristan...I must admit, some of these tweets are especially for you. :)

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